Tricky Puzzle
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Tricky Puzzle

Tricky Puzzle

Tricky Puzzle is a great puzzle game where you have to save aliens, count bees, ... and try to solve all puzzles


A vibrant, colorful puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours. Your eyes will be pleased by the stunning graphics and animation. A professional composer composed the music, sound, and voice-over for the game. This game's puzzles are all connected by a fantastic plot. The answer is to think outside the box and exercise your mind and brain at the same time! Save aliens, count bees, and pet a dog, among other things... To solve problems, shake, tilt, and spin your phone.


Aliens must be saved, bees must be counted, dogs must be stroked, and doors must be opened, among other things. You can solve difficulties by shaking, twisting, and flipping your phone.
It's as simple as switching between touch controls and your mouse.
You will immerse yourself in the world of happiness and relaxation
You can make friends with others
If you are a big fan of snow rider 3d, you will have fun with Tricky Puzzle


You need to use your mouse to play this game

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