Unblock Cube 3D
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Unblock Cube 3D

Unblock Cube 3D

This excellent puzzle game, Unblock Cube 3D, requires you to Swipe to spin the cube and Tap the blocks to cause them to fly away and complete the levels.

How to Play

Cube 3D must be unblocked. This brand-new logic-puzzle game is sure to be a hit. You must finish all levels. The sole restriction is that the cubes cannot travel in the opposite direction to that indicated by the arrows on them. You should begin with the easier difficulties so that you can get a feel for the game's mechanics.

You may begin in the rows on the structure's perimeter, and then gradually make your way inside into the core of the building. Avoid moving the cubes closer to the center of the pile. Instead, you need to concentrate on cleaning each cube individually while keeping a consistent space between them.

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