Wordle Peaks

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Wordle Peaks is a fantastic word puzzle game that will help you expand your vocabulary as you try to figure out the meaning of a single word that has six letters by providing you with hints.


Wordle Peaks is a fun and easy word-of-the-day guessing game. Type a five-letter word in as few as 6 tries. It's a spin on the classic "guess the word" game. Only the initial letter of each word is shown, forcing you to deduce what the secret word is. To achieve this, choose a set of words from a large pool from which to draw hints.


Six guesses will reveal the code phrase.
Every password attempt must be made up of 5 real letters.
To help you determine how close you are to the correct answer, the letters will change color as you make guesses.
Overly prominent yellow letter in the alphabet
Lack of context; blue hue; inappropriately placed alphabetic letter
The keyboard and tile update in real-time to display the whole alphabet as you write.
Solving a daily word in challenge mode is mandatory, but playing unlimited wordle peaks in random mode is a lot of fun.