Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone

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Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone

Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone is one of the most popular Worm - Snake games, in which you have to eat everything around you and try not to touch other players.


You can choose to play with a time limit, which makes the game arena smaller, or with no time limit, which lets you enjoy the huge game arena. This lets you grow to be the biggest worm. Worm Battle Royale is the updated version of the classic game Colored Snake for the year 2022. How do you win at worms? Collect as much food as you can to grow into the biggest snake in the game world. By making your worm better, you can beat other worms. In all three modes, the arena shrinks, and anything outside of it dies. You could be surrounded by bigger worms, or they could move faster and block your way, forcing you into their traps. These crashes can get a player kicked out of the game and turn them into worm food that the other players can eat. To get more money, you have to beat other worms and get to new weights. You can get new food and skins for your characters, and you can improve your worm's stats to make it impossible to stop. Check your email every day to learn about prizes.


  • Do tasks every day or on a calendar to get gold coins and gems.
  • Get unique skins to worms.
  • Improve your skills, get bonuses and upgrade your worm.
  • Take part in events with a secret theme and unique tasks and prizes.