Zombies Cookies Apocalypse

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An amazing action game called Zombies Cookies Apocalypse has keys, cookies, and many kinds of gems.

Instructions for Zombies Cookies Apocalypse

In order to play Zombies Cookies Apocalypse, all you have to do is control a guy with a beard and have him shoot into the air. In addition, jewels, cookies, and keys are all collectible. Your ability to achieve this becomes tougher with each subsequent level as more and more obstacles and traps show up.  You may maximize your combat effectiveness by combining and using these talents.

Main Features

  • In a variety of game types and maps, battle for your life.
  • Use various melee and ranged weaponry.
  • Simple controls and blocky visuals
  • It functions from a first-person viewpoint.

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  • PC controls: Use the mouse
  • Touch controls: Tap and swipe