Backrooms Escape 1

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One of the most exceptional escape games that has been inspired by Backrooms is Backrooms Escape 1.

How to play Backroom Escape 1

Check out  Backrooms Escape 1 immediately if you are a devotee of the Backrooms game. The primary objectives of this game are to endure and free oneself from their confinement. The main color of this peculiar chamber is yellow, and it is replete with numerous ominous elements, particularly the presence of assertive creatures. Make every effort to locate an escape route as quickly as possible.

Key Features

  • The functionality of the game is straightforward to utilize. 
  • Monsters of various types and the location 
  • Despite its horror theme, Backrooms Escape 1 is an intriguing game.

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  • WASD = Move left
  • Shift + WASD = Run
  • Mouse = Look around
  • TAB = Show Objectives
  • E = Interact
  • Q= Close Menu