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Ballbeez is a game that may be played to pass the time. To see the growth of the multicolored balls, just toss them into the cups.

The Instructions for Ballbeez

Simply ensuring that the ball does not fall out of your cup is all that is required to win the game of Ballbeez. It is important to have patience as the Ballbeez continues to develop while soaking up the water in the cup. Do not overlook the fact that you should let the balls fall out of the boxes. The level will be forfeited if they succeed while you are unsuccessful.

Main Features

  • Participate in this game that is easy to understand yet difficult to master.
  • Using this control, it is simple to become proficient at dodging teammates as well as opponents.
  • Take pleasure in the 3D vintage visuals.
  • Take Part in a Virtual Game

Bubble Shooter Wheel and Bubble Shooter Candy 3 are two further options that you might try. With these two shooting games, you may engage in a virtual game of bubble shooter.

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