Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure

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In the intriguing action-racing game Vehicle Eats Car: Arctic Adventure, you must battle all foes in an effort to become a car tycoon.


In the driving game, Car Eats Car Arctic Adventure, you must outlast and outperform your competitors in a fast-paced race. In the incubator, you may make a brand-new automobile as well as enhance your vehicle and destroy foes. This driving simulator is a fantastic method to increase your speed and sharpen your driving abilities.


The sole task you will be given is to gather red diamonds, make it to the end of the track, and then unleash missiles to destroy your adversaries. With the money you make, you may modify your vehicle to turn it into a tank that can withstand a variety of assaults. The tank's size, firepower, engine toughness, and shield strength may all be increased.

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W / up Accelerated Reverse: Arrow key
D/Right arrow key: lean in A/left arrow key Lean forward using the arrow key.
Bombs = space
Turbo: Z / X
Left-click to access the menu