Castel Wars Modern

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Castel Wars Modern is an amazing role-playing video game! The primary objective of the game is for you to choose a game mode and a battlefield before beginning the conflict in the current world.

Instructions for Castel Wars Modern

Castel Wars is the first series to provide a contemporary take on the concept! This time around, the game has a more realistic feel to it, and you have access to a wider variety of tools and weaponry. This includes the use of lightsabers. You and your opponent may battle it out in the city of today, on the moon, or on another planet entirely, each time making use of a unique set of abilities and weapons. As you watch the weapons fall from the air, shield yourself and try to escape being attacked or harmed by other players on one of three different maps while enjoying a fresh new experience. Experience a variety of gameplay modes, including one that involves zombies.


In battle mode, you have a choice between three different arenas. The winner of each game is decided by either their speed or their score, while weapons and bonuses are chosen at random during gameplay. Lava, old-school brawling, and an entirely new approach to the game are all included on the Mahyem map.

Castel Wars Modern features

  • Choose the appropriate degree of challenge for the next battle match.
  • Pick an advantageous location for the battle.

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Blue Player:

Move: "W, A, S, D"
Create Block: "S"
Hit: "E" (Hold the key to throw the weapon if holding the sword)
Change Weapon: "Q"

Red Player:

Create Block: "DOWN ARROW"
Hit: "L" (Hold the key to throw the weapon if holding the sword)