Color Tunnel 2

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In order to succeed in the 3D hypercasual game Color Tunnel 2, which is also a lot of fun, you'll need to have quick reflexes and pinpoint accuracy.

How to Play

You are able to sprint at great speeds through a variety of colored tunnels while avoiding hazards in Color Tunnel. Running through the tunnels at a tremendous rate of speed while attempting to dodge obstacles and moving objects is possible.

Playing Color Tunnel 2 is a fantastic technique to improve both your planning and reaction times. Marking obstacles with bright red colors can make it easier. Keep your eyes alert and look out for the edges of the platform to prevent yourself from falling.

Every time you play, you should strive to get a greater score. Run 3 and Slope served as motivation for the development of Color Tunnel 2, a run-and-hide video game with a frenetic tempo. You are tasked with moving the ball while avoiding hitting any obstacles.


  • The level design is bright and eye-catching.
  • As you go through the stages, the challenges that you face will get progressively more challenging.
  • It has a rapid pace, is very addicting, can be learned quickly, and is not difficult to master.

Left & Right arrow keys