Cut Grass

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The only way to level up in Cut Grass is to finish all of the assignments and chop down all of the grass.

How to play Cut Grass

Cut Grass requires you to get rid of all the grass in order to win. Once there is no longer any grass in the path, move the saw from one end to the other until there is no more grass! Please do not overlook the fact that Be sure keep a close eye on the maze that you are standing in, and make sure that you do not leave even a single blade of grass on the ground. Finding hidden gems may be accomplished by touring parks and collecting lovely butterflies for your album.

Main Features

  • Discover additional points and bonuses by spending time in parks and sports grounds.
  • You may acquire significant bonuses and improve your mower's powers by doing daily mowing assignments.
  • Gain prizes by overcoming one-of-a-kind tasks.

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