Dino Run

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You may play a beautiful, casual game called Dino Run. All of the barriers, including the birds and other creatures, must be attempted to be overcome.

Instructions for Dino Run

You may alter your Dino Run in this game. All you have to do to win is clear the obstacles with a jump and stay out of the pits. Gathering eggs can also provide you with unique talents and capabilities. To provide yourself an advantage in the race, you can acquire temporary invincibility, boost your speed, and glide through the air. Dino Run is a demanding and captivating game.


  • Once you reach a certain score, customizing choices become available.
  • It's simple to play basic games that are interesting.
  • You may play this entertaining game for a short period of time.

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  • Left/Right arrow key to go left/right
  • Arrow keys to ascend
  • The down arrow is the key to the left.
  • Start - Stop