Dino Shooter Pro
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Dino Shooter Pro

Dino Shooter Pro

Dino Shooter Pro is a game that involves shooting dinosaurs, and it demands you to aim your weapon at your opponent while simultaneously firing bullets at lightning speed.

Instructions for Dino Shooter Pro

Are you a fan of dinosaur video games? Those who have a passion for dinosaurs will find that Dino Shooter Pro is an excellent game to play. It is sufficient for you to remove all of the dinosaurs and nasty people that are in your way in order to emerge victorious. Do not overlook the need to invest your profits in the enhancement of your armament, and take pleasure in restoring peace to the stunning island that has been overrun by massive dinosaurs!

Key Features

  • Using a combination of animals to rapidly destroy adversaries
  • 3D visuals that are enjoyable and gameplay that is addicting
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Through the evolution of monsters, stronger fused dinosaurs may be unlocked.
  • Do battle with the final boss at the end of each level.

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