Doodle Drop
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Doodle Drop

Doodle Drop

A game that is both easygoing and thrilling, Doodle Drop is modeled by the game Doodle Jump. In order to slow down and freeze platforms, you will need to employ power-ups.

Instructions for Doodle Drop

It is possible to win the game Doodle Drop if you work your way through all of the stages and make your Doodle grin. In the beginning of Doodle Drop, there are a lot of jumping platforms, but as you go through the game, the number of leaping platforms decreases. While you are jumping, you should try to obtain propeller caps and jet packs so that you may continue your ascent.

Main Features

  • You are able to interact with the game via the use of tap-based mechanisms.
  • Engage in competition with other players from all around the world and strive to get the highest score.
  • This game is simple to play and enjoyable for everyone.

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