Flying Bill

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Obtaining all of the cash and unlocking all of the purchases is the primary objective of Flying Bill, which is an exciting adventure game.

How to play Flying Bill

If you are looking for games to help you relax, Flying Bill is the absolute finest option. Cash will be collected, exciting purchases will be unlocked, and multiplier balloons will be the target of your efforts. Additionally, you will need to do things like fold, toss, and fly through the levels with just your dollars. In this activity, you will learn the techniques for flying a paper aircraft well and explore previously unknown locations. 

Key Features

  • Follow the light flares as you fly your paper aircraft via a variety of various routes.
  • You will experience an increase in your flying speed if you come across a bright flare.
  • There are three categories in which you may improve your skills: launch power, gliding, and earning cash.
  • By successfully completing each flight, you will earn in-game cash.

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