Gorilla Tag

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The theme of Gorilla Tag is really cool. You take on the role of a gorilla and stalk other players while they play on a playground. The primary objective of the game is for you to discover a new jungle that is teeming with vivid life and magnificent scenery.

Instructions for Playing Gorilla Tag

When playing Gorilla Tag, the game gets a lot more thrilling when the participants have to figure out how to keep themselves from getting eaten by the enormous gorilla. You can avoid being tagged by climbing up, hopping around, racing around, or jumping up and down. Make sure to mark all of your adversaries, as it is possible that they are plotting an ambush on you from out of nowhere. You have the option of playing in one of these four game modes: Casual, Hunt, Paint Brawl, or Infection. In Gorilla Tag, one of the game's objectives is to collect as many bananas as possible along the journey. The bananas will determine the value of the gold coins that you receive at the end of the game. If you gather a greater quantity of bananas, your big gorilla will be rewarded with an increased number of gold coins.

Fantastic Features

  • A fun and fascinating role-playing game
  • Easy-to-use controls and straightforward gameplay.
  • You can choose from a number of difficult levels.
  • Capture all of the bananas and make it through the many challenges.
  • Purchase some incredible attire for your gorilla.

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