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The primary objective of, an game, is to assert dominance over various islands and amass wealth in the form of gold. Players are encouraged to enhance their islands, acquire additional ships, and expedite training processes in order to achieve success.

Instructions for

In order to achieve victory, it is solely necessary to successfully unlock all of the island colors and monuments. In order to achieve success, it is imperative to prioritize the conquest of the islands, accumulate wealth, enhance the infrastructure of one's own island, acquire additional vessels, and expedite the training process. In order to expand the dimensions of your island, it is imperative to engage in the construction of diverse structures and dwellings to accommodate your population. The inclusion of additional structures and decorations within your city may contribute to an increased level of citizen satisfaction. There is a wide selection of over 100 distinct buildings available for incorporation into your urban environment.

Fantastic Features

  • An engaging and thrilling simulation game
  • Incorporate additional residential dwellings, architectural edifices, and supplementary infrastructural elements into the urban landscape of your municipality.
  • Over 100 structures are readily accessible.
  • Engage in a diverse range of endeavors aimed at achieving success and affluence.
  • Upgrading buildings has the potential to enhance their appeal and thus attract a larger number of citizens.
  • Acquire substantial quantities of gold and cash.

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