KOGAMA Parkour 25 Levels

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The KOGAMA Parkour game is an excellent example of an adventure game. The primary purpose of this game is to compete against your friends to see which of these 25 levels you can complete in the quickest time.

Instructions for KOGAMA Parkour 25 Levels

A fun parkour game with a lot of different challenges, epic obstacles, and fascinating parkour challenges, Kogama 25 Levels has a total of 25 levels. You merely need to go around the platforms and gather crystals and other game perks in order to win. Once you've finished this map, you'll be able to compete against your friends and other players online. Enjoying Kogama Butterfield Map is made simple, and it features some fantastic music and sound effects.

Main Features

  • Principal Attributes
  • Incredible graphics, rock-solid physics, and user-friendly control are all available in this game.
  • Experience the exhilaration of completing daring tasks.
  • There are several distinct categories of weapons.
  • Accuracy and precision are skills that are very valuable.
  • Compete against other players in the skill-testing game "KOGAMA Parkour 25 Levels"
  • You should purchase several additional skins and weaponry.

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