Merge and Push 3D

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The primary goal of the Merge and Pull 3D game is to strategically displace and combine adversaries from their designated paths.

Instructions for Merge and Push 3D

The game "Merge and Push 3D" necessitates the assembly of a cohesive team, adept at swift and effective dispersal, adept at merging and scaling stickmen, and adept at displacing the track of one's adversary. Through each subsequent revelation, one will gradually approach a deeper understanding of the malevolent intentions harbored by one's adversary, as well as the intricate enigmas that serve as barriers to attaining liberation.

Main Features

  • The game is referred to is a competitive action game titled Merge and Push 3D
  • A multiplayer survival game is a type of video game where multiple players engage in a virtual environment with the objective of surviving various challenges and obstacles.
  • The act of falling and stumbling is detrimental to one's well-being.
  • Generate original characters
  • The rounds that elicit the greatest excitement due to their inclusion of unconventional obstacles.
  • Maps featuring various difficulties and obstacle-based objectives
  • Engage in physical contact with fellow players and navigate obstacles by performing crossover maneuvers.
  • Select from a diverse range of endearing and humorous male individuals.

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