Nitro Dash
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Nitro Dash

Nitro Dash

Nitro Dash is a lighthearted and entertaining video game in which the player's objective is to sprint through blue walls while avoiding collision with red walls.

Instructions for the Nitro Dash

Nitro Dash is a fun ballgame that takes place in two dimensions and has an unlimited gaming mode. It is necessary to use dash to destroy the blue barriers while avoiding the red walls. You should just focus on moving the ball as quickly as you possibly can.

As in many previous running games, your character will advance at the same steady pace regardless of your input. To move the character, drag to the left or right of the screen. Stay away from the spikes and cut through the cubes if you can. It is challenging since you have to chop the object into cubes. The addition of tunes with a quick pace is another way that the runner games are made more difficult.

Main Features

  • Luminous and fluorescent displays of neon hues
  • You have access to a large catalog of well-known songs, and brand new music is uploaded on a regular basis.
  • Exciting moments may be found in the game's story mode.
  • Personalize your character's look by modifying their gear.

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