Protect My Dog 3
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Protect My Dog 3

Protect My Dog 3

Protect My Dog 3 is an exceptionally challenging puzzle game in which you are tasked with rescuing your puppy from many dangers, including lava and thorns.

Protect My Dog 3 instructions

It is your responsibility to defend your lovely pups from being attacked by bees, just like you did in earlier fantastic editions of Protect My Dog or Protect My Dog 2. Bees and thorns are only two of the obstacles that players will need to face in order to progress. As soon as you draw the card, bees will begin attacking, and then a countdown will begin. In order to avoid losing, you must avoid causing any damage to the dog within those five seconds. Every new level will be more challenging, but we guarantee that it will also be more pleasant. The gameplay is enhanced with an interesting interactive component thanks to the hands-on feature. Each level presents a difficult problem that must be solved in order to progress.

Fantastic Features

  • To prevent the dog from being harmed by bees, draw lines around it.
  • It is more effective to use longer lines in order to keep bees at bay.
  • It is possible to unlock additional characters and power-ups by using money.
  • The designs are whimsical, and the atmosphere is as lighthearted.
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