Run Boys

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Run Boys is a running 2 player game that is both exhilarating and entertaining to play!

Run Boys Instructions

You may take part in a frantic and exciting race online with hundreds of other people using their mobile devices. You will be competing against dozens of other mobile users online as you attempt to navigate wacky obstacles by sliding, jumping, and flipping your way through them. You will have to compete against other people in ridiculous races that take place in amusing venues packed with challenging obstacles. When you compete against other gangs for the championship, prepare to have a laugh-out-loud good time.


  • You may get the better of your competitors by outrunning them, sprinting, or swerving.
  • Avoid barriers
  • Royale combat for online multiplayer games
  • Design that is eye-catching and vivid

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Arrows and AWSD keys - MOVE Dash key - JUMP