Snowy Skate : Snowboard

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Carve, grind, jump, and grab big air with tricks and stunts in Snowy Skate: Snowboard, a thrilling skating game with a gorgeous snow background! Your primary objective is to carve, grind, take big air, and grab big air!

Snowy Skate : Snowboard instructions

The only thing you need to win You are in charge of the kid character in Snowy Skate: Snowboard, and your objective is to do tricks and hit the mountain with style. You have the ability to alter the look of their avatars as well as the clothing they wear. When we talk about personalization, we should mention that the game gives players the ability to add their own unique decorations to their snow theme. 

Key Features

  • Online gamers might engage in competition with one another or form alliances with it.
  • A skateboarding experience that is true to life
  • Uninterrupted mode for multiplayer play.

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