Stack Jump

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Stack Jump is a fun arcade game in which the objective is to ascend to the highest level by jumping from one stack of boxes to the next.

The instructions for Stack Jump

In the game Stack Jump, what is the highest possible height you can go to? To complete the challenge in a short amount of time, you will need to perfect your timing in order to stack the things in the correct order. By accumulating more stacks, you will eventually be able to unlock more creatures. If you fall, you will be eliminated from the competition. If you can execute the jump over the block without touching it, you will earn additional points. Even when you are by alone, there is no lack of excitement or amusement. Because of the entertaining backdrops and themes, you won't find yourself growing bored.

Participate in Features

  • There are a wide variety of playable characters to acquire.
  • The characters you choose to utilize will determine both the setting and the overall tone of your narrative.
  • The Never-Ending Game of Jumping and Stacking

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