Stick Duel: Battle Hero

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Stick Duel Battle Hero is a fun game in the Stickman style in which you may choose whatever costume you like and gain five points by defeating your opponent.

Instructions for Stick Duel Battle Hero

Stick Duelists is a fighting game in which each new bout starts with the heroes donning a different set of armor. The primary goal of this competition is to eliminate your opponent while simultaneously accumulating five points for yourself. We will not charge you for any character costumes. Because stickmen move so slowly, this task will be challenging. It is recommended that you work on improving your combat skills in order to engage in battle with your stickman character. Collect the many weapons that are located around you as you make your way through the level and engage in combat.


  • Determine the territory in which you will engage in combat.
  • You'll have the opportunity to get different skins for your character.
  • Making ragdolls is a straightforward process, and they are much easier to utilize.
  • You may easily defeat your adversary if you use a variety of weapons.
  • Incredible animation as well as the action sequence like in Stickman Flip and Stickman Parkour 2 - Lucky Block.
  • Player 1: Move: "ARROW KEYS", shoot: "L", drop weapon: "O".
  • Player 2: Move: "WASD", shoot: "F", drop weapon: "R".