Stickman Football
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Stickman Football

Stickman Football

Stickman Football is an exciting football game that puts you in charge of a charming stickman. Your primary objective is to score as many goals as you can while controlling the stickman.

Instructions on Stickman Football

It is highly recommended that you look into Stickman Football if you are looking for a game that combines Stickman with football in a way that is enjoyable. It is sufficient to score goals by using a wide range of maneuvers and strategies in order to outwit your opponent in order to become victorious in this game. Take charge of your stickman player and make your way through the field, avoiding obstacles and avoiding defenders as you make your way to the goal. Do not forget to do such.

Key Features

  • In order to score a touchdown, you should avoid each opponent you come across.
  • Simple controls for navigating the game's interface.
  • You have a choice of eighty characters.
  • Graphics for the game that are blocky and pixelated.

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