Turn Left

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Turn Left - this 3D arcade is just incredible. Your primary mission is to keep an eye on the interspace and assess whether or not it is possible for another spacecraft to pass yours.

Instructions to Turn Left

BPTop is responsible for the creation of Road Turn. In the arcade game Turn Left, your goal is to direct the path of the automobiles as they navigate challenging stretches of road. You are only tasked with taking control of cartoon automobiles, driving them down a road, and avoiding various hazards. You may move the automobile by tapping the screen, and your reflexes will be tested as you try to avoid colliding with other cars.

Turn Left main features

  • Play Exciting Games
  • A brand-new, fully immersive action game that takes its cues from the popular Drift Boss and Drift Hunters series.
  • Explore a variety of levels, each of which has its own degree of difficulty.
  • The levels are always being brought up to date.
  • Simple manipulations of the game's elements
  • Sounds and visuals are as realistic as possible.