Unicycle Mayhem

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Unicycle Mayhem is an absolute must-play game for two players in which you are required to take part in the conflict against the ragdoll puppet warriors.

Instructions for the Unicycle Mayhem Game

You have to first knock your opponent to the ground, then you have to smash all of the bricks and floors where your opponent is standing. You just need five points to win every game if you score them. The battle of the unicycle puppets has begun! You have to choose the correct spot to attack in order to give yourself the best possible chance of being successful. To win this match, you will need to rack up five victories. You have to maintain your will and concentration if you want to emerge triumphant.

Another similar game you can play for fun is Gun Mayhem Redux - you must aim precisely and fire without holding back if you want to stay alive and come out on top as quickly as possible.


Single Player

  • AD or left/right arrow keys = move
  • Space = shoot

Two Players

Player 1:

  • AD = move
  • G = shoot

Player 2:

  • Left and right arrow keys = move
  • L = shoot