X Racer SciFi
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X Racer SciFi

X Racer SciFi

This is a terrific infinite racing game called X Racer SciFi, in which you have to avoid hitting the walls while still attempting to save the rocket.

X Racer SciFi instructions

During the process of gathering powerups in X Racer SciFi, you are required to maintain your rocket intact and to avoid colliding with any barriers that surround it. Furthermore, in order to acquire additional points, you need to gather rings. You may also get powerups as you go through the game. In the context of free drive, it will only function as a starting point. Should you so want, you are able to drive around the whole map.

Key Features

  • Access and take advantage of incredible automobiles.
  • Engage in competition with other players and determine who is the quickest racer.
  • Additionally, you are free to explore the map whenever you choose.

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