Zodiac Runner

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You have to collect objects till your costume is updated and changed automatically in Zodiac Runner, which is a casual game that is extremely addicting and entertaining to play. The game is called Zodiac Runner.

Instructions for the Zodiac Runner

A vertical arcade is Zodiac Runner, a third-person running game that features a variety of zodiac elements on third-dimensional levels. To win, all you have to do is walk about and gather the components of the zodiac. There are twelve different zodiac signs in the game. Each time, you must pick a sign of the zodiac at random between the two options. In addition to that, it features a vast cast of unique characters, each of them has their own distinct comedic expressions. Additionally, players have the option to buy each character with either real money or coins that they have accumulated while playing the game.

Main Features

  • An engaging and difficult running game influenced by parkour
  • Unlock a large cast of playable characters.
  • Massive 3D Environments with a Great Deal of Detail

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