Dino Transport Truck
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Dino Transport Truck

Dino Transport Truck

There is a lot of excitement in the driving game Dino Transport Truck. For the purpose of transporting these ancient creatures to their enclosures, you will need to get into your enormous truck.

The Instructions for Dino Transport Truck

Dino Transport Truck is a game that offers simple controls, gameplay that is very addicting, and a lot of interesting elements. Anyone of any age who enjoys playing dinosaur games will find it to be an excellent option. To win, you must ensure that all of the dinosaurs get to their destination without incident. There are three different game modes available to choose from: Survival Mode, Time Trial, and Practice. This game offers a lot of laughs and amusement to its players. Amazing visuals in three dimensions, easy-to-use controls, and gameplay that is quite addicting.

Main Features

  • 3D visuals that are enjoyable and gameplay that is addicting
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Through the evolution of monsters, stronger fused dinosaurs may be unlocked.

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