Drunken Fighters Online

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Drunken Fighters Online

You may battle against your adversaries in Drunken Fighters Online and take them out with swift, forceful blows.

Drunken Fighters Online Guide

In the wrestling game Drunken Fighters Online, the wrestlers are rather buzzed. All you have to do to win is step forward to attack, then touch the left border of the screen to step backward and attack again. You may use the stars you receive from winning to enhance your avatar.


  • Realistic and quick-paced gameplay
  • Make your baseball squad unique.
  • There are several game types available, including League, Challenge, and Event Match.

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  • Side Defense: Prevent the balls from reaching or contacting the red and yellow walls that are located on the bottom and right sides of the screen.
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Player 1

  • Transfer: "ARROW KEYS"
  • Move forward/push: "P".

Player 2

  • Transfer: "W, A, S, D"
  • Push or move forward: "T".