Idle Miner Space Rush

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In the fantastic arcade game Idle Miner Space Rush similar to Diggy, you must make a huge leap and mine more moonstones than all of your opponents combined!


The hunt for miners is beginning worldwide with the IdleMiner Space Rush. The action is set in space, where miners fight to extract the most diamonds. You will receive game points for every group of diamonds. Your game points increase as more game coins are gathered at the conclusion of each game. You have to make an effort to amass as many gems as you can. Don't forget to upgrade your mining features by going back to your base as well. You may go to the store to buy new outfits after each game.

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Since your energy will be limited, thorough planning is necessary if you want to have the best chance of succeeding. You must continually mine moonstones if you wish to survive. Additionally, you may use your earnings to purchase a variety of improvements that will enhance the fun of your adventure. As you dig your way down, you will frequently pause to collect moonstones. Once your bag is full, you should either head back to the surface or locate a more practical base. You are free to carry on mining without your moonstones. You can develop your abilities here and then go back to the field to become a better miner. You'll be able to check how many moonstones you've gathered and where you stand among the other players.


WASD or arrow keys to move