Obby vs Noob Driver

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Being able to assist Obby and Noob in driving the automobile is the primary objective of the game Obby vs Noob Driver, which is a fantastic combination of racing and adventure games.

Obby vs Noob Driver instructions

Those who are a huge admirer of Obby and Noob should choose Obby vs Noob Driver as their game of choice. In order to win this game as quickly as possible, you will need to overcome all of the challenges that are presented throughout the race and assist Obby and Noob in reaching the finish line flag by driving the automobile.

Main Features

  • Have fun playing different multiplayer mini-games
  • Your very own multiplayer game, which you may then share with other people.
  • Browse through the games that were developed by other gamers.

Fantastic games with Obby

  • WASD keys to move the red game
  • Arrow keys to move the blue game