Stack Colors

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An excellent 3D action game called Stack Colors. To succeed, you must avoid everything, not of your hue. Grabbing them will result in you giving up the ones that are already in your possession. After you've lost every last one of them, the game is done.

Stack Colors Directions

Grab as many blocks as you can and touch quickly into the end zone to send your blocks flying. As your force grows, your blocks will travel farther. You may use the mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard to manipulate the rubber. The man's appearance changes as he travels through the lightning gates. Concentration is required since a misstep in gathering a color will reduce the total colors amassed.


  • In order to construct a tall structure, you may stack various colored blocks.
  • Listen to some raucous rap.
  • Gather as many gems and as many gems as you can so you may decorate your blocks any way you choose.

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