Super Elip Adventure

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The fantastic arcade game known as Super Elip Adventure puts players in the position of navigating perilous landscapes in search of stars that would allow them to uncover an elliptical house.

Super Elip Adventure instructions

You need to assume control of your character as you explore a landscape that is both diversified and demanding in order to emerge victorious in Super Elip Adventure. Every single level has its own unique set of problems and obstacles, all of which are intended to slow down your progress. As a result of its peculiar design and gameplay that defies gravity, Super Elip Adventure is a game that is both entertaining and captivating.


  • Enjoy yourself while your children are having a good time.
  • A wide variety of activities are available for youngsters to participate in.

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  • Arrows / WASD = move,
  • Z/Space = change gravity,
  • X/Right mouse button =jump